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Regular eye examinations are necessary to ensure your continuous optical comfort and health. The major goal of a consultation is to verify that the prescription suits the individual needs of daily living.

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Alternativa Glasses at London Opticians is one of the UK’s largest independent opticians, located in the City of London. With highly certified, experienced optometrists, we are a family-owned business that takes pride in maintaining eyesight and eye health. We also provide a large collection of designer glasses and sunglasses, as well as the most up-to-date high-tech lenses, contact lenses, and optical accessories.

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Make an appointment for a free eye exam with one of our qualified in-house opticians. It won’t take long if you do it during your lunch break.


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Your prescription glasses will be ready in 24 hours.


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Our helpful staff will gently adjust your glasses to ensure a great fit.


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Do you require assistance? Our specialists will walk you through our collection and assist you in finding a pair that you are completely satisfied with.

Product features

Filter for Blue Light

Our Blue Light Filter, which is available for both prescription and non-prescription lenses, reduces light dispersion by blocking high-energy blue light emitted by digital screens. It will make your eyes feel more focused and at ease after a long day of emails and video calls.

Varifocal glasses

Varifocal glasses have various prescriptions in one lens, allowing both near and far vision correction. The days of swapping frames are long gone! We get ours from one of the greatest vendors in the industry.

Lenses that are extremely thin

Our Ultra Thin Lenses have a 1.74 index, making them the thinnest you’ll find. They’re perfect for high prescriptions above +/-4 dioptres, and they’re only £50.00 on top of the price of any frame – that’s a high-tech lens for a small price.

Coating to reduce glare

Our anti-reflection coating removes reflected glare and allows over 99 percent of visible light to pass through the lenses, making them easy to look through. People who are staring at you will also get a good look at your eyes.

Recent Posts & News

Shopping for the Best Sunglasses for Adult men

Whether you are intrigued in procuring for some new sun shades for the summer or if you are just hunting for a new pair of sun shades to increase to your assortment, searching for the best sunglasses for guys is achievable by making use of on the web and in-retail store methods, dependent on the type of glasses you are browsing for and your funds. If you are intrigued in looking for some new aviator eyeglasses that are designed primarily for gentlemen, you can do so by searching on-line, wherever you will have a broad range and wide range of glasses to select from centered on your personal personal tastes and fashion sense.

The aviator sun shades design and style was very first developed as pilots’ glasses that originated in 1936 by the “Ray-Ban” company to support with safeguarding the pilots and their eyes through flights. Practically a 12 months following first releasing the glasses to the pilots, Ray-Ban introduced the eyeglasses to the general public and it became a new design to don for many of all lessons. The type was then popularized right after Common Douglas MacArthur was photographed carrying the glasses after landing on a beach in the Philippines in Globe War II. This triggered a sensation to make the eyeglasses well-liked immediately after different photographers from nearby newspapers took pics and printed them for the earth to see.

When you are searching for the most effective sunglasses for gentlemen and you are specifically searching for aviator-fashion eyeglasses, you should to start with preserve in mind the finances you are doing the job with and also any unique designs or hues you would like to use to help with acquiring the best pairs to compare to help you save time and also money as well.

Searching on-line for the sun shades you are on the lookout for permits you to assess products of the sunglasses just before buying them working with distinctive photos on the web. You are also capable to compare the charges of every pair of sun shades that you are intrigued in shopping for to guarantee you are obtaining the ideal offer and the optimum-top quality of sunglasses for the spending budget you have set aside for the accessories. When you store online you are ready to look through as a result of hundreds of shots and styles of sunglasses that are for sale within just minutes so you can find a model that is perfect for you with no owning to visit several outlets in person to evaluate the aviator sunglasses that you like.

Most aviator glasses have spherical eye bases with a curved connector that is curved upwards to link the eyes. The glasses are known to have steel frames but in today’s planet, there are aviator eyeglasses of all colors and resources, relying on the type you desire.

Looking for the ideal sun shades for guys is probable in-particular person but when you search on-line, you have the capability to perspective hundreds of brand names and models of eyeglasses, offering you a much more personalized and tailored glance. When you store working with the world wide web for the styles of extras and sun shades you are intrigued in, you are ready to finish your wardrobe just as you had envisioned it for by yourself.

The Results of Local climate and Weather on Make contact with Lenses

There are quite a few various aspects to contemplate when a person is pondering about switching from eyeglasses to get hold of lenses. Even if you need corrective lenses for the initially time and are thinking of heading straight to get in touch with lenses, you have to do your homework very first in get to be ready for a collection of decisions you have to make about what style of contact lenses to don and what form of care and routine maintenance regime will be required.

In all conditions, these two will go hand in hand. You can pick out from Rigid Gasoline Permeable lenses, Toric lenses, vial lenses or gentle get hold of lenses. In advance of you do so, you must learn the discrepancies in between each individual form of lens and what it will imply to you personally. Then, you should pick no matter if to use disposable get in touch with lenses or not.

Once again, there will be a amount of variables to take into consideration in phrases of way of life, program and price range. 1 matter you may well be concerned about, if you are wondering about acquiring contactd, is how the climate disorders in your regional area may possibly impact the way lenses interact with your eyes. Even if weather is not necessarily a worry in the specific spot you reside in, you may possibly even now be anxious about the weather’s effect on your corrective lenses in a town or town you happen to be scheduling on going to. Irrespective of whether you happen to be investigating the weather conditions results on contacts the place you reside or somewhere you strategy on travelling to, the info beneath will help you get ready appropriately.

Dust and Corrective Contact Lenses
By significantly, the most not comfortable weather situation for get hold of lens wearers is dust flying as a result of the air as a final result of wind kicking up the filth. Lots of get in touch with lens wearers will concur that dust is the most uncomfortable of weather conditions problems. If you are contemplating hard corrective lenses, you should be specifically weary of gusty winds that have dust as dust has been recognised to be really unpleasant when caught in really hard lenses. The good thing is, sporting sunglasses on dusty times can enable to reduce the adverse effects and retain most of the dust away from your eyes and contact lenses. If you live in a location where by the weather conditions tends to be dusty generally, eradicating your get hold of lenses often (just about every few of several hours, or when you come in from the dusty weather conditions exterior) to clean up and rinse them then put them back again in.

Dry Warmth and Your Contacts
In arid weather circumstances these types of as those people professional in deserts all in excess of the United States, preserving your contact lenses moist can become very the problem. What comes about is that the warmth and dry air get the job done with each other to type of suck the cooling moisture that your eye naturally gives to the call lens. Whilst the outcomes of dry warmth on your eyes and your get in touch with lenses will not be unbearable, lots of contact lens users come across that application of rewetting drops is very helpful in restoring comfort and ease.

Cold and Rainy Weather conditions & Your Make contact with Lenses
In most kinds of extraordinary temperature, make contact with lenses are regarded as fairing much better, just simply because you do not have to offer with fogging up of the lenses or dealing with bulky frames on the bridge of your nose. Frequently speaking, there is no climate that is unsafe for donning make contact with lenses. On the other hand, most eye treatment pros will recommend that you you should not sustain your eyes open (with no blinking) for extended durations of time in -40F winds. Even if you weren’t wearing contacts, this advice may possibly keep accurate.

When you take a look at your eye treatment specialist and select the type of get in touch with lenses that you are going to use, make certain to question your health practitioner about any local climate-similar issues that could possibly be particular to your lenses.

Colored Halloween Make contact with Lenses

Colored get in touch with lenses perform greater than any eye make-up. Aside from permitting you to change your eye color, they are ideal for Halloween, theatrical and novelty works by using. Coloured Halloween get hold of lenses are particular consequences shade get hold of lenses. They help you enrich your costume choice. For illustration, cat eye types get the job done nicely if you are dressing as a black cat.

Colored Halloween get in touch with lenses are of two types – round and scleral. The spherical type lenses only go over the colored space of your eye. Scleral kinds include the complete visible part of your eye, leaving no white. A further verity is semi-scleral lenses, which are larger sized than the spherical ones. They do not address the entire seen part of your eyes, but depart a little white at the corners.

If you are not particularly acquainted with colour make contact with lenses, it is intelligent to wear spherical lenses. Scleral forms build a good impact, but they are not straightforward to place in and consider out. At times they are not really comfortable to dress in. Scleral lenses are also pretty high priced, commonly starting off at $200 (for every lens). Semi-scleral lenses, conversely, can be a excellent preference since they are logically uncomplicated to insert and take out. Also, they really don’t expense as substantially as scleral lenses.

Coloured Halloween get in touch with lenses are similarly right for both mild and dark eyes, considering that they absolutely hide your all-natural coloration. The lenses have a clear heart, so that you can see. Some Halloween speak to lenses (e.g., Wild Eyes and Ridiculous Lenses) accompany corrective powers, aiding you accurate your eyesight. Zero electricity (Plano) lenses are also obtainable.

The most common and beloved Halloween lenses are cat eye, purple scorching, Alien (green with a black spaceship), blackout and whiteout, Hypnotica (black with a white spiral), wolf eyes, black spiral, and bloodshot (white with purple blood vessels).

Halloween lenses result in eye infections if not inserted or cared for appropriately. Like all contact lenses, they have to have cleansing and disinfecting. Never swap or share your lenses with other people. Halloween speak to lenses are as harmless as any other contact lens, as very long as you take the higher than safety measures.

How to Acquire Glasses On the web

Generally, purchasing glasses on the internet can be less expensive than likely to an eyeglass retailer. There are no income assistants steering customers towards the extra pricey frames. Online stores have less overhead and obtain their glasses in bulk, guaranteeing the least expensive prices offered. And nevertheless, they use the identical body and lens suppliers alongside with the exact same glazing laboratories.

Men and women are wary of getting eyeglasses on line for lots of causes. They might believe they do not know all the information and facts about their eyes. The route offered by a keep may perhaps really feel desired in buy to come across the best frames. People believe it is not possible to consider glasses on on the web. All of these challenges can be fixed with a minimal little bit of investigate.

In advance of commencing browsing on the web, men and women need to go to their eye physician and get a current prescription for their eyeglasses. This paper will give them all the information required to buy the accurate lenses. Most on the internet web pages involve the prescription right before eyeglasses can be ordered. They will possibly ask for an upload of the prescription or the phone quantity of the eye medical professional.

Understanding the prescription is crucial when ordering lenses on the internet. The sphere, or SPH, is the correction for extensive or brief sight. It will be a “-” or “+” value and goes up in .25 steps. The cylinder, or CYL, is the correction for any Astigmatism if a particular person has a single. It also has a “-” or “+” benefit and goes up in .25 methods.

The axis for which the correction for the Astigmatism desires to be set at. This is only current if there is a CYL price on the prescription. Values variety from to 180. If glasses are desired for looking through, the prescription will have an addition, or an Add.

In the vicinity of signifies the very same detail as Include. The “-” or “+” designation is incredibly important as it implies brief or extensive sightedness. The dioptre sphere, or DS, appears beneath the CYL box and indicated no CYL worth. OD refers to the appropriate eye and OS refers to the remaining eye. If studying eyeglasses are demanded, which includes In close proximity to or Insert is really important, but unneeded for Length/Driving eyeglasses.

The pupillary length, or PD, is the length amongst the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other pupil calculated in millimetres. Usually it is penned as one price, for case in point 60mm, but can be written as two, these as 34/33, if a person eye is a bit more absent from the centre of the nose than the other. Numerous prescriptions do not consist of a PD measurement.

Lots of on the web sites make it possible for individuals to “check out” their eyeglasses on. On the internet internet sites have a digital mirror that permits people today to try out eyeglasses while searching via frames. This can be accomplished distinct strategies relying on the web-site. Some demand readers to have a webcam. A live video seems on the web page and frames can be superimposed on the video clip, allowing for shoppers to consider their eyeglasses on are living.

Other websites are additional universally user helpful and allow folks to add a image of them selves not sporting glasses. Then, as folks are searching the site, they can click a button that claims check out on the web subsequent to any merchandise. Buyers can promptly see them selves sporting that body.

Picking a body can be challenging for picky or doubtful buyers. This is a huge cause why people today go to eyeglass stores, for the specialist impression of income associates. They only detail associates know that purchasers do not is which frames seem improved on distinctive facial area shapes.

Clients who know their deal with form and the frames that match it can narrow down their frame alternatives very easily. In addition to, shopping on the net usually means you can very easily exhibit pals and loved ones options to get their opinion. This is a lot less complicated than dragging all people to the eyeglass keep.

Resolve Your Eyeglasses With Home Merchandise

In some cases when you buy new glasses or if you get eyeglasses on the internet, the frames are not the right condition. Around time, your eyeglasses may well grow to be warped or a screw may perhaps appear loose. It really is a problem to march into your eye doctor’s workplace every single time anything slips, bends, or gets to be misaligned. No a single seriously needs to invest that sort of time to have someone most likely repair your frames until you definitely need it! Other than, what if you have been keeping off on having new glasses? Then you have to offer with the tension of an optician telling you it truly is time for an exam only to be instructed you can have on the very same prescription. While some difficulties, like breakage, warrant an fast trip to the eye physician, other individuals do not. Listed here is a brief guideline on how to do straightforward fixes from household with house goods.

Initial and foremost, if your glasses break in any way, condition, or form – go to the eye doctor’s place of work to get them fixed. Your eyeglasses are of no use to you if you won’t be able to see properly out of them. This contains any scratches or nicks that occur across your lenses.

For standard cleansing, you never require highly-priced sprays. In truth, you shouldn’t be working with substances at all on your lenses! That suggests no pricey window cleaners, no sprays that point out they clean your lenses, Television set, and laptop display screen, and no all functions cleansers! What can you use? Vinegar and h2o! Almost nothing more, nothing at all less. For a rapid cleanse, mix three elements h2o to a single part vinegar in a spray bottle. Carefully combine the two, and then evenly spray your glasses. Applying a microfiber fabric, wipe off any smudges, dust particles, and grime. It is just that simple.

What about your frames? Even the most high-priced set of eyeglasses frames can have a couple of challenges. A person this sort of problem lies in free screws. If your temples come to feel a minor unfastened, just consider a smaller flat-head or diamond-head screwdriver and gently tighten the screw though the eyeglasses are in an open place. Once you try out closing the stems, you can expect to commence to sense the hinge tighten. If the screw is far too limited, it may perhaps bring about the stem to break, so loosen it just a smidge. If you recognize the screw turning into loose all over again, repeat the process but area a dab of very clear nail polish on the screw in advance of tightening. The polish will act as a glue without the need of harmful your frames.

What if your frames sense out of condition as a total? Metal frames are less complicated to bend and form into position than plastic frames. If the frames are a little bit misaligned, run the frame underneath warm h2o and carefully bend again into put. If your frames are bent radically out of spot, question your optician to resolve them. You can also alter the temples making use of the similar approach with sizzling h2o but be very careful! If you straighten the temples as well a great deal, you will hazard breaking them if they tumble off your encounter.

There you have it! 3 effortless household fixes for some prevalent prescription eyeglass challenges! Remember, some challenges call for fast interest, although other people are conveniently fastened at household. Worse comes to worse, you can generally switch your frames and obtain glasses on the internet for fewer than the physician could possibly cost you for damaged frames.

Some of My Preferred Eyeglasses Frames

I’ve been putting on glasses due to the fact I was 7 a long time old. Back then I really a lot just wore what at any time my individuals picked out for me. But, as extensive as I have been able to order my possess specs, I’ve constantly gone for the traditional seeking frames. I opt for my glasses frames the similar way that I shop for closes. Glasses, just like apparel are a personalized statement and an expense. In both respects, the traditional glance seems the most apparent selection for me. Adhering to fads usually means that you have to make investments in new eyeglasses each individual calendar year or so to keep up with the newest craze. Also, all those traditional frames just glance much better in my feeling.

A number of examples of models that create common seeking frames would be Ray Ban of program, Warby Parker and Benji Frank. I will leave Benji Frank for past for the reason that the brand name is the latest and minimum high priced.

Everyone is familiar with Ray Ban. This Brand has been building eyeglasses frames for nearly an overall century. Fun Simple fact: Ray Ban was made as a division of Bausch & Laum soon after the health care company was questioned by the U.S. Air corp to style and design sun shades particularly for fighter pilots. You guessed it… all those eyeglasses ended up termed the Aviator.

Some time in the early 1950’s a designer for Ray Ban created the Wayfarer. This design of frame is most preferred for prescription glasses. They have been worn by way of the a long time by every person who’s awesome. Musicians especially love these frames. Buddy Holly sported a variation of these frames in the 1950’s. And just about 50 yrs later on Rivers Cuomo wore the exact same eyeglasses on stage as the guide singer of the rock band Weezer. These are just a couple of illustrations, but I am guaranteed you have found these frames about.

Warby Parker is a rather new brand, but they glimpse unwell. The body that I exclusively like are called the Chandler. They supply that typical design and style with a little bit of a twist. They give the wearer that “I expend most of my afternoons enjoying crocket and sipping mint juleps” glance. Mainly, you are unable to go wrong with a established of these frames.

Benji Frank is an great new brand name. The 2 guys that started Benji Frank, are one particular a mission to enable all those much less privileged. With each and every pair of Benji Frank glasses that you buy, an impoverished somewhere in the globe is given vision assistants. When getting your frames, you get to make a decision weather conditions you want to donate a pair of glasses to anyone or assist pay back for eye surgical treatment. This does not suggest Lasik surgical procedure or nearly anything like that. I am speaking about surgery to appropriate significant cataracts. On prime of that, the frames search wonderful. They have about 25 diverse kinds that are modeled right after classic frames from the 19th and 20th century.